The Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, SIEPS conducts and promotes research and analysis of European policy affairs. The research is conducted under five broad research areas:

European Economic policy

The EU's political and constitutional system

The EU's external relations

The European Internal Market – challenges for free movement

Member States and European Integration

SIEPS considers it important to broaden and intensify research into matters that are significant for the future development of the European Union and, towards that end, actively seeks to develop close cooperation with institutes and research centres in Europe and globally.

SIEPS strives to act as a link between the academic world and policy-makers at various levels. By publishing reports and arranging seminars and conferences, SIEPS aims to further stimulate research on the future of Europe.

SIEPS has the status of an independent governmental institute.

Registration number : 202100-5331 
VAT-number: Se202100533101