About cookies on sieps.se

Cookies on sieps.se

Cookies are used on sieps.se for technical reasons and in order to make it easier for the visitor. Cookies are also used for measuring the traffic on the website and for statistical purposes. The information gathered is anonymous and does not hold any personal data, i.e. name or e-mail address. Information about the visitor cannot be traced by SIEPS.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that contain data. This data is sent from a websites´ computer to your web-browser and is stored there, on your hard disk drive. Cookies can be sent from all web sites to your browser, providing the settings of the browser permits. As user, you may set your browser to automatically store cookies or to inform you every time a website requests permission to store a cookie. It can also be set to automatically deny the storage of cookies. Many websites use cookies to keep track on whether a browser previously have visited a website. If you don´t want cookies, you can set your browser accordingly. If you choose that option however, a number of the website´s services and functions will not work.

SIEPS uses a number of providers, i.e. Google Analytics, for providing services on our website. These providers use cookies on SIEPS website, which is outside our influence. For further information, visit the websites of these providers and read about their policies on cookies.  

What the law says
According to the Electronic Communications Act (2003: 389), all visitors to a website should be informed that the website uses cookies and about the purpose for that usage. Visitors have to actively consent to the website storing cookies on his or her computer.

The amended law is based on an EU Directive and came into effect on 1 July 2011. Further information on the new provisions is provided by The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS), the authority responsible for monitoring the electronic communications and postal sector in Sweden. Here you can find their Q&A about cookies for users.

SIEPS have initiated work in order to meet the requirements of the law. This includes producing a detailed list of cookies used on SIEPS´ website as well as a well-functioning and technically secure solution for visitors consent.

How to find and control cookies
All web browsers are different. On your browser you will find information on how to select the right cookie-settings.