Juncker’s Political Commission: Did it Work?

Dawson Mark


The outgoing European Commission has been defined by the idea of a more “political” institution. While the ambition proved difficult to implement, a return to the role as a neutral arbiter is no longer an alternative.

Perspectives on the future of the EU

Bickerton J. Christopher, Fägersten Björn, Guérot Ulrike, Krastev Ivan, Möller Almut, Schimmelfennig Frank, von Sydow Göran


Several challenges stimulate the debate on the future of the EU: globalisation, security concerns, the rise of populism, the impact of new technologies, Brexit. An underlying question concerns the prospects for legitimacy and democracy.

The hidden star of the EU budget

Tarschys Daniel


Cutting red tape is a popular message but fundamentally misleading. SIEPS’ Senior Advisor Daniel Tarschys, professor in Political Science, makes the case for an EU asset that is crucial for the survival and success of the Union.

The Future of the Economic and Monetary Union: Reform Perspectives in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands

Destais Christophe, Eriksson Jonas, Jones Erik, Schout Adriaan, Schwarzer Daniela


In the discussion about EU’s future, a euro area reform is one of the main priorities. Regarding the scope of the reforms, the position defended by Germany will be crucial, but the EMU members’ differing views of the Economic and Monetary Union also need to be considered.



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