Institutions, Policies and Growth in Europe: Quality versus Stability (2013:4)

What triggers growth? How can the EU Member States ensure conditions that have a proven positive effect on growth? These questions are relevant, not least considering the recent financial and economic crisis which represents the deepest downturn in world economy since Second World War.

How important are institutions – that is to say, formal rules and capacity to enforce those rules – for the economic performance of a country? This SIEPS report discusses the relation between the quality of institutions and economic growth.

The publication is part of SIEPS´ research project EU and EMU after the economic crisis.

Niclas Berggren is Associate Professor of Economics at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) in Stockholm and University of Economics in Prague. Andreas Bergh is Associate Professor of Economics at the IFN in Stockholm and Lund University. Christian Bjørnskov is Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University.