EU External Action in the Field of Development Cooperation Policy (2014:6)

Development cooperation traditionally has played an important role in the European Union’s external policy. This report provides a well-timed evaluation of the impact of the Treaty of Lisbon in this particular policy area. The report assesses to what extent the changes brought by the treaty affects the ability of the EU to act as a coherent player on the international scene in the field of development cooperation and points out new challenges in this specific policy area.

The publication is part of SIEPS´ research project The EU external action and the Treaty of Lisbon and is the fourth published within the framework of the project.

Morten Broberg is Professor in International Development Law at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, and holds the Faculty’s Jean Monnet Chair (EU and the Developing Countries). Rass Holdgaard is Attorney, Partner at the Law Firm Poul Schmith, Legal Adviser to the Danish Government.