The EU Economic Policy

Timeframe: Completed
Project Manager: Ulrika Stavlöt

There are a number of recurring perceptions of the relationship between economic variables discernible in the current debate and they deserve to be put to the test. For example, it is often assumed, on the EU level, that anything that has a positive effect on one of the variables employment, productivity, competitiveness or growth, will also, by definition, positively affect the remaining variables. In the popular debate, by contrast, it is often assumed that there is a contradiction between increased productivity and higher employment.

Another example of confusion in the debate concerns the concept of competitiveness often invoked in various EU documents. However, “macroeconomic competitiveness”, that is to say, competitiveness on the national or EU level, is a non-existent term in the macroeconomic literature. The purpose of the project is to communicate, in an accessible format, the findings of economic research on the validity of conceptions like the examples depicted above.