Efficient Solidarity Mechanisms in Asylum Policy (2016:7)

This report proposes a way to break the current refugee crisis deadlock between EU Member States. The authors explore ways in which physical and financial solidarity among EU Member States can be combined and propose a mechanism that allows for an exchange of refugee-admission quotas for monetary contributions. They add also a matching mechanism that takes into account the preferences of both refugees and Member States. They argue that this will improve the policy response and show that the system will go a long way towards addressing the shortcomings of the current failed European system. At the same time, it achieves jointly both efficiency and fairness in responsibility sharing.

The publication is in English and is part of the SIEPS project Internal and external dimensions of a common asylum and migration policy.

Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga is Associate Professor in Economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Hillel Rapoport is Professor of Economics at Paris School of Economics.