Transforming the European Community´s Regulation of Food Safety(2008:5)


Following the food scandals of the 1990s and the White Paper on Food Safety in 2000, the Community made an impressive overhaul of its regulation of food safety. Whilst a number of legal measures focusing upon the elimination of barriers to trade remain in force until this day, the Community put into place a completely new scheme, covering all stages in the food chain and all types of foodstuffs. The first steps towards this new scheme were taken in the mid-1990s, but the decisive step was only taken with the adoption of Regulation 178/2002. This regulation introduced a number of important general principles. In this respect it is of particular importance that today public health constitutes the principal objective within the field of European food safety.

The report was presented at the seminar The Food Policy of the European Union and is a part of the research project The EU food policy.

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