The Creeping Nationalisation of the EU Enlargement Policy (2010:6)


Often presented as the "most successful EU policy", enlargement has undoubtedly been one of the most significant undertakings of the European Union over the last two decades. The recent admission of numerous states to the Union has however exposed various shortcomings in the way that policy is carried out. In the context of growing scepticism about further EU expansion, the response to those shortcomings has, on the whole, taken the form of a strengthening of Member States’ influence and control. This report examines the implications of this development on the policy’s effectiveness.

The report was presented at the seminar The creeping nationalisation of the EU enlargement policy and is part of the research project EU and enlargement issues.

Available below are two Commentaries on the report. The Commentaries are written by Marise Cremona, Proffessor of European Law, European University Institute, Florence and Alan Mayhew, Professor, University of Sussex, Founder of  the Wider Europe Network, Special Adviser to the European Commission, and Adviser to the Polish and Ukrainian Governments.


Christophe Hillion is Researcher in Law, SIEPS, Stockholm; professor of European law, Leiden and Stockholm Universities.