Coherence between internal and external policies (2008:10epa)


When changes to the Lisbon Treaty are discussed it is often mentioned of the more forceful formulation in the area of EU external actions and the new posts created within the EU's institutional structure that is expected to lead to greater coherence.

An equally important but less noticed policy that has also been written into the Treaty is that of consistency between internal and external policies. This analysis describes the motive behind the introduction of this principle. The conclusion raises the argument that the principle of consistency between domestic and foreign policy may have great implications for the design of the EU's actions on the international level.

The analysis is in Swedish and is a part of the research project EU as a global actor.

icon 2008:10epa Samstämmighet mellan inre och yttre politik: En utmaning för EU i rollen som global aktör (80.92 kB)