Enhanced Supervision of the Financial Market in the EU: Insights from the Literature (2010:3epa)

The economic and financial crisis was one of the most important issues handled during the Swedish EU presidency. The outcome, preceded by at times difficult negotiations, was a political decision concerning a new framework for supervision of the financial market in the EU.

In this analysis, the authors survey the literature in the field in question. Their study shows, among other things, that the supervision structure may well run into problems when various national systems are forced to co-exist within a common framework.

The analysis is in Swedish.

The analysis is part of the research project Long-term Effects of the Economic Crisis.

icon Förstärkt finansmarknadstillsyn i EU: Insikter från litteraturen (2010:3epa) (234.32 kB)

Jonas Eriksson and Henrik Sikström are researchers in economics at the SIEPS.