The European External Action Service: towards a common diplomacy? (2010:6epa)

During the past months, we have witnessed increasing activity regarding the establishment of a European External Action Service (EEAS) – one of the most emblematic innovations that the Treaty of Lisbon introduces to strengthen the EU external action. While the details of the EEAS organisation and functioning are still under (intense) discussion, this Analysis sheds light on the political and legal contexts in which the EEAS is being set up, and raises some questions as to its possible contribution to the development of a common European diplomacy.

The analysis was presented at the seminar Vad händer med EU:s nya utrikestjänst? and is a part of the research project The EU External Action and the Treaty of Lisbon

An earlier, French version of this analysis has been published in the series Questions d´Europe, Policy Papers of the Robert Schuman Foundation. It is available here.

The analysis is in English.

icon The European External Action Service: towards a common diplomacy? (2010:6epa)

Maxime Lefebvre is a French diplomat, professor at Sciences-Po Paris and founder of « europ-info ». Christophe Hillion is a Researcher in Law, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, Stockholm; professor of European law, University of Leiden, and guest professor, University of Stockholm