EU gradually more accepted (2009:4epa)


The latest poll of the Swedish public opinion regarding the EU shows that the levels of support are at an all-time high since the membership in 1995. There is now almost a majority supporting the EU. Differences in levels of support among various social groups have been persistent but are now gradually changing.

Through a collaboration with the SOM-institute at the University of Gothenburg, SIEPS annually presents an analysis of the public opinion about the EU. Unique with these surveys is that they ask questions about the consequences of EU-membership. The latest survey shows that economy, employment, crime and environment are areas where citizens believe that the EU has lead to improvements. These issues are therefore essential to the understanding of why support for the EU increases.

The analysis is part of the research project Swedish Public Opinion of the European Integration and was presented at the seminar EU-positiva opinionsvindar.

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