Why Europe? Possibilities and limits of European integration(2007:2op)

Författare: von Sydow Göran, Shaw Jo, Moravcsik Andrew, Langdal Fredrik, Føllesdal Andreas

SIEPS’ annual conference 2006 was held on the theme Why Europe? Possibilities and limits of European integration. The focus of the conference was the consequences of the failure to ratify the Constitutional Treaty from different scholarly perspectives.

This volume is made up by the contributions of the conference participants.

Professors Føllesdal and Shaw have submitted written contributions based on their presentations while Professor Moravcsik’s contribution is a transcript of his speech.

The contribution by Langdal and von Sydow was written after the conference in order to introduce the key concepts and the general debate concerning constitutionalism, democracy and legitimacy in the European Union. The contributions have also been published in a forum section of Scandinavian Studies in Law, Vol. 52.

The report was presented at SIEPS' Annual Conference - Why Europe? and is a part of the research project Representation, delegation and democracy.

2007:2op Why Europe? Possibilities and limits of European integration (401.82 kB)