Är EU en social marknadsekonomi? Sociala Europa - en antologi (2011:2op)

Författare: Tarschys Daniel, Scharpf Fritz W., Hettne Jörgen, Bertola Giuseppe

For quite some time now, the EU Member States have tried to mold the EU into a socially more acceptable form. This has largely remained big words and solemn declarations, but the Lisbon Treaty establishes the EU as a social market economy.

The present anthology discusses whether this implies a shift in the EU cooperation hitherto.

The four authors cover topics such as the meaning of the concept Social Europe, whether the Lisbon Treaty will reduce the social deficit in the EU, the existence of socio-economic assymetries in the European integration process and the importance of harmonisation of social and employment policies in the EU´s Member States.

The publication is part of the research project Social Europe.