The War over Gambling Revenues – the Gambling License Inquiry and European Union Law

Författare: Hettne Jörgen

On 31 March 2017, the so-called Gambling License Inquiry was presented.

It proposes a re-regulation of the Swedish gambling market and a dissolution of the current monopoly scheme with exclusive rights for the state-owned undertakings Svenska Spel and Trav och Galopp.

The proposed re-regulation involves an adaptation to the conditions prevailing in the digital gambling market in Europe, but raises at the same time several issues of EU law that are addressed in this analysis. The author also questions whether it is sustainable on the long term that EU Member States try to attract international gambling companies with low taxes and believe this might undermine consumer protection in the long run. According to the author, the European gambling market is in urgent need for a common EU regulation.

The publication is in Swedish.