From Pro-European Alliance to Eurosceptic Protest Group? The case of the Visegrad Group

Författare: Végh Zsuzsanna

The goal of entering the EU used to unify the Visegrad countries. Today, they are increasingly critical of the EU, especially concerning migration. Behind the unity there are however key differences.

Visegrad countries Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia are currently critical to deepening the European integration and call for strengthening the role of the member states.

Behind the apparent unity – primarily concerning migration – there are however diverging positions, according to researcher Zsuzsanna Végh. She also emphasises the fact that the logic of the cooperation has not changed since 2015, despite a more prominent profile on the EU level.

Significantly, the divisions concern the future of the EU. The cooperation is furthermore challenged by Poland and Hungary’s ongoing confrontation with the EU regarding the rule of law.

At the same time, the author argues, the group will likely continue coordination in specific sectoral issues where their interests are better aligned.