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Lissabonfördraget och den svenska grundlagens reglering av EU (2008:13epa)

January 2008 • Bergström Carl Fredrik


The Lisbon Treaty leaves behind an urgent need for the consequences of our membership in the EU to be reflected more appropriately in the constitution than they are today. The Lisbon Treaty takes the last final steps in a long reform process and the Swedish constitution's life together with the EU is now entering a new phase with new requirements.

Decentralized Agencies and the IGC: A Question of Accountability (2003:14)

January 2003 • Rotkirch Matilda, Bergström Carl Fredrik


The aim of this report is to identify some of those features which, since they are shared by all or some of the existing agencies, are essential in order to explain their legal nature and to highlight some problems that should be addressed in the process leading up to the adoption of a new constitutional treaty. At present, the role of decentralized agencies is premised on the Court of Justice’s idea of an institutional balance of powers, requiring an EU-institution to assume full responsibility.


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