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The Lisbon Treaty 10 years on: Success or Failure?

December 2019 • Kelemen R. Daniel , Spaventa Eleanor , Södersten Anna , Thies Anne , van Middelaar Luuk


On 1 December 2009, the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, aiming at making the EU more democratic, more transparent and more efficient. In this volume, four scholars discuss whether the Treaty has strengthened the EU during the past decade, a period marked by several crises for the European Union. With contributions from Luuk van Middelaar, R. Daniel Kelemen, Anne Thies and Eleanor Spaventa. (2019:2op)

The Future of the Economic and Monetary Union: Reform Perspectives in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands

June 2018 • Eriksson Jonas , Destais Christophe , Jones Erik , Schout Adriaan , Schwarzer Daniela


In the discussion about EU’s future, a euro area reform is one of the main priorities. Regarding the scope of the reforms, the position defended by Germany will be crucial, but the EMU members’ differing views of the Economic and Monetary Union also need to be considered. This anthology collects perspectives from Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands. (2018:1op)


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