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Arvet från Oxenstierna - reflektioner kring den svenska förvaltningsmodellen och EU (2012:2op)

January 2012 • Reichel Jane , Nergelius Joakim , Halje Lovisa , Bull Thomas , Bergström Maria


The Swedish model of Government administration – with independent authorities and a comparatively small Government Office – differs from the model common in most other EU member states. Whether the Swedish model is appropriate in the context of the EU has therefore been a topic of discussion since Sweden became a member of the European Union.

Korruption i Europa (2011:5)

January 2011 • Rothstein Bo , Lapuente Victor , Charron Nicholas


The quality of government shows considerable variation within and between EU member states. The authors of this report presents new and unique data of regional differences in the quality of government and a number of conclusions regarding what distinguish regions with high quality of government and low levels of corruption.


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