Webinar 30 November: Taking stock of the EU institutions in the 2019–2024 term

In June 2022 the Commission reached mid-term and in May 2024 it will be time for new European Parliament elections. This means that many of the Commission's legislative proposals have reached the final negotiation stage. But what has cooperation between the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council actually looked like so far during the current term? SIEPS researchers discussed this with representatives from the three institutions during a webinar on 30 November and a recording is available to watch.


On 30 November SIEPS held a webinar on the institutional balance in the EU with less than half the term of office remaining. Recalling the political priorities expressed at the beginning, the panellists evaluated how the work of implementing some of the major priorities was progressing, given the balance of power and political differences between the EU institutions over the term.

During the webinar a new SIEPS publication, 'Taking Stock of the EU Institutions in the 2019–2024 Term', was presented and discussed.

  • 30 November 2022 11:30 - 13:00
  • The webinar will be broadcast live on this page.
  • Markus Johansson, senior researcher in political science, SIEPS
  • Valentin Kreilinger, senior researcher in political science, SIEPS
  • Eva Maria Poptcheva, Member of the European Parliament (Renew Europe)
  • Arnoldas Pranckevičius, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Lithuania to the European Union
  • Åsa Webber, Head of Cabinet for European Commissioner Ylva Johansson
  • Anna Wetter Ryde, senior researcher in law, SIEPS