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The EU's political, economic and constitutional system represents one of SIEPS' research areas. Explore a selection of publications and seminars within this field.

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Watch SIEPS’ webinars in English: on the French elections in a European perspective, on the Europarties and the Conference on the Future of Europe, on the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, and much more.

Recent publications in English

EU Crisis Management

From the sovereign debt crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU has taken a leading role in the management of crises. The essays in this anthology analyse the EU’s performance and suggest how it could improve as a ‘crisis manager’. Contributions by Christian Kreuder-Sonnen, Vivien A. Schmidt, Astrid Séville and Jonathan White. (2022:1op)

New Funds for the EU: the Case for a Market Access Fee

The EU and its Member States face many challenges, from security and migration to innovation and climate change. Some are existential, all require some common effort, and all are expensive to address. Against that background, SIEPS senior advisor Daniel Tarschys examines options for boosting the EU’s finances and makes the case for an EU Market Access Fee. (2022:7epa)

Temporary Protection for Ukrainians in the EU: A Brief Introduction

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced millions of people to flee, most of them into the EU. In response, European leaders activated the Temporary Protection Directive, granting those fleeing the right to live in safety there. Valeriia Varfolomieieva, Research Assistant in Law at SIEPS, explains how this hitherto little-known directive works. (April 2022)

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