Fit for 35 Forum

A new SIEPS forum where experts from research, policy and think tanks present their thoughts on EU reform and enlargement in short texts.

EU Enlargement: Exporting Stability or Importing Instability?

April 2024 Leigh Michael

Despite the security risks involved, there can be no going back on the EU’s commitment to a renewed enlargement process. Professor Michael Leigh outlines what steps policymakers need to take to fulfil the EU’s aspiration of securing stability. (3 April 2024)

Recent publications in English

Von der Leyen’s Geopolitical Commission: Vindicated by Events?

On taking office in 2019, Ursula von der Leyen declared that she would lead a ‘geopolitical’ Commission. In this analysis, political scientist Calle Håkansson shows that this ambition had a larger impact than many expected. Developments since also point to a continued active and strategic role for the European Commission. (2024:7epa)

Stronger EU Partnerships for Sustainable Supply Chains

How can the EU better support the ‘greening’ of supply chains? One way, writes Mats Engström, is by building stronger partnerships with the low- and middle-income countries where the factories, farms, and green raw materials are often located. (2024:5epa)

The Minimum Standards of International Protection applicable to the European Union

EU Member States have legal obligations towards people seeking protection. These stem from having joined the EU and the Council of Europe as well as having signed and ratified international human rights conventions. In this report, Professor of Law Elspeth Guild and Lecturer in Law Maja Grundler set out the minimum standards of international protection applicable to EU members. (2024:1)

The European Health Data Space: Challenges and Opportunities

A proposal to regulate the use of health data in the EU – to create a ‘European Health Data Space’ – is currently being negotiated. David Fåhraeus, Jane Reichel and Santa Slokenberga explain the proposal and consider the implications for those affected: patients, medical practitioners, private firms and public administrations. (2024:2epa)

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Fit for 35 Forum

The EU is likely to eventually have up to thirty-five members and will need to adapt to accommodate them. SIEPS asks leading experts what the Union can or should do to be ‘Fit for 35’.

Conference on the rule of law

Watch recordings from the conference ”The Rule of Law: Crisis and Solutions”. The conference, co-organised by SIEPS on 17–18 April 2023, brought together distinguished scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss the future of the rule of law in the EU.

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