The Swedish 2009 Presidency - Possible Policy Priorities (2008:14epa)

Författare: von Sydow Göran, Langdal Fredrik

The Swedish EU Presidency during the second half of 2009 will be constrained by a number of external factors such as the investiture of a new Commission, a newly elected European Parliament and it will probably be held under constitutional uncertainty. Nonetheless, the Swedish Government will want to make a mark on the priorities of the European Union during the Presidency.

This analysis sets out to identify which policy areas the Government may prioritise during the Presidency. The authors conclude that climate change, asylum and immigration and the Baltic Sea Strategy are likely to be among the top priorities along with further progress regarding EU enlargement.

The analysis is part of the research project The EU Presidencies.

2008:14epa The Swedish 2009 Presidency - Possible Policy Priorities (322.07 kB)