The Swedish Presidency: European Perspectives (2009:3op)

Författare: von Sydow Göran, Langdal Fredrik

In order to better understand the Swedish Presidency of the European Union, SIEPS invited a number of experts on the European Union from different member states. They were asked to write short analytical texts on how the Presidency has succeeded in relation to expectations and ambitions.

The judgments are however provisional as they cover the developments up until November 2009. SIEPS’ researchers Fredrik Langdal and Göran von Sydow have edited the volume and written an introduction to the texts. The publication The Swedish Presidency: European Perspectives is part of an on-going project where SIEPS analyses the rotating presidency of the EU.

The contributors highlight the handling of the Lisbon Treaty and the institutional questions and underline the importance of the outcome of the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen for the legacy of the Presidency.

The report is part of the research project The EU Presidencies.

The Swedish Presidency: European Perspectives (2009:3op) (243.97 kB)