Pressfriheten i Europa och EU - Ungerns medielag i ett rättsligt sammanhang (2011:2epa)

Författare: Nergelius Joakim

At the end of last year, the Hungarian parliament adopted a new media law. It was met by strong reactions and believed – among other things - to constitute a threat to the freedom of the press and being incompatible with EU law.

Even the European Commission questioned the law, leading up to the remodeled version approved by the parliament in the beginning of March. The European Parliament, among others, has however stated that it will carefully follow the implementation of the law.

In this analysis, the writer describes how the new media law compares with EU law, to what extent the law constitutes a threat to “free speech” and to what extent it can be said to be in conflict with European standards regarding freedom of expression.

The analysis was presented at the seminar EU-rätten, Ungern och Pressfriheten. The analysis is part of the research project The constitutional development of the European Union.

Notice: This publication is in Swedish only.