The EU Budget – What Should Go In? What Should Go Out? (2011:3)

Författare: Wostner Peter, Tarschys Daniel, Molle Willem, Lejour Arjan, Heinemann Friedrich, Collignon Stefan

Even though the Member States are ambitious in setting the agenda for the EU, they are less keen to provide the funding necessary to meet these ambitions. Indeed, if the EU seriously sought to attain all goals and ambitions of the Member States, it would easily swallow large parts if not all of the EU’s combined GNI.

This makes it imperative to establish sound selection criteria for Union funding. What then should go into the EU budget and what should go out? What can the EU do, not only better, but much better than the Member States? These are some of the issues in focus of this volume, with contributions from prominent experts on the EU budget.

The report was presented at the Europe Day 9 May and is part of the research project The EU Budget.