Arvet från Oxenstierna - reflektioner kring den svenska förvaltningsmodellen och EU (2012:2op)

Författare: Reichel Jane, Nergelius Joakim, Halje Lovisa, Bull Thomas, Bergström Maria

The Swedish model of Government administration – with independent authorities and a comparatively small Government Office – differs from the model common in most other EU member states. Whether the Swedish model is appropriate in the context of the EU has therefore been a topic of discussion since Sweden became a member of the European Union.

One central issue in that discussion being how the Government can assume responsibility for what the authorities does.

In this anthology, five researchers – through their respective contributions – show how EU Law influences the Swedish societal organisation in general and the model of administration in particular.

The publication is part of the SIEPS research programme The Swedish model of Government administration and the EU.

The publication is available in Swedish only.