Att göra rätt och i tid – Behövs nya metoder för att genomföra EU-rätt i Sverige? (2012:4)

Författare: Hettne Jörgen, Reichel Jane

Sweden´s capacity to implement EU law in a swift and efficient way has varied through the years. A sizeable amount of the complaints and lawsuits against Sweden are indeed caused by delays and other shortcomings in implementing EU directives and regulations.

This can prove costly, because of the EU´s tightened sanction rules for countries lagging behind.

In their report Doing it right and on time – Is there a need for new methods of implementing EU law in Sweden?, the authors analyse the present situation and suggest ways to make the implementation more efficient and more broadly established. The connection between negotiations and implementation of EU directives, the role of the parliament, the need for committees and inquiry systems, as well as appropriate timing for consultation processes and impact assessments are among the issues discussed.

The report is in Swedish and is published in the context of SIEPS´ research project The Swedish Administrative Model and the EU.