Regulating Lifestyles in Europe: How to prevent and control Non-Communicable Diseases associated with tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy diets? (2013:7)

Författare: Garde Amandine, Alemanno Alberto

During the last decade, European Union has undertaken a range of measures aiming at prevention and control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Regulation of the so called ‘lifestyle risks’ is, however, not uncontroversial.

Henceforth, strategic consideration and careful policy planning are required at the EU and the Member States level, to successfully tackle the main NCD risk factors, namely alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy diets. In this report, the authors examine the development of EU regulation targeting those three risk factors, and analyse the role of law in developing successful transnational NCD control and prevention strategies.

The publication is part of SIEPS´ research project Social Europe.