What to expect from Ireland´s Presidency of the Council of the European Union (2013:1epa)

Författare: Barry Linda

During the first six months of this year Ireland holds the EU Presidency for the seventh time. With the motto "For Stability, Jobs and Growth" the Irish government has expressed its intention to focus on economic growth and implementation of existing decisions, rather than presenting new initiatives.

The agenda will be dominated by the economic crisis, which is a central issue also at national level in Ireland as the country is currently subject to austerity measures.

In this analysis, the author Linda Barry highlights the political and economical context in which Ireland holds the Presidency. In addition she evaluates the priorities of the Irish government and the prospects for a successful presidency.

The publication is part of Sieps’ research programme The EU Presidencies. As of 2013, the publication format of this project will be a bi-annual European Policy Analysis that focuses on the expectations ahead of an in-coming presidency.