EU efter krisen - perspektiv på demokrati och inflytande i ett förändrat EU (2014:1op)

Författare: von Sydow Göran, Naurin Daniel, Lindahl Rutger, Jerneck Magnus, Gustavsson Sverker

As a consequence of the economic crisis, a series of measures have been undertaken in order to strengthen the economic-political coordination in the EU. This development raises several questions in relation to the Swedish EU membership.

If what we now witness is a move towards a multi-speed union, where some countries are cooperating closer than others, what are the implications for Sweden´s room for influence and how will the scope for national self-determination be affected?

In June 2013, SIEPS organised the conference “A changing EU – what implications for Sweden?”, where researchers, opinion-makers and politicians raised broad issues about democracy and influence in a changing EU. In this publication you will find – apart from a newly written introduction – three contributions presented at the conference.

The publication is part of SIEPS´ research project The constitutional development of the European Union.

Note: The publication is in Swedish only.