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The economic gains from EU membership is in theory fairly straightforward and above all related to having access to the internal market. However, it is...

Sweden and the Euro: The Neglected Role of EU Membership (2016:15epa)
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According to the treaty, the EU´s policies for border control, asylum and immigration should be guided by a principle of solidarity and...

The law and practice of solidarity in the Common European Asylum System: Article 80 TFEU and its added value (2016:14epa)
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The relation between the EU and Belarus through the Eastern Partnership framework is complex. The country's domestic authoritarian character as well as...

The EU and Belarus: seizing the opportunity? (2016:13epa)
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Finding ways to boost Europe’s economic growth in today’s post-crisis world is more important than ever. In this European Policy Analysis, the...

Regional Productivity Convergence in Advanced and Emerging European Economies (2016:12epa)

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