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Friday 10 November 09:0010:00.

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union coincides with the negotiations on the next multiannual budget beginning in 2021. Will this only complicate the budget negotiations; or is Brexit a blessing in disguise that will facilitate genuine policy reform?

Ian Begg, a leading expert on both the EU budget and the economic ramifications of Brexit, will give a lecture on this topic at an open seminar on the 10th of November. Drawing on various recent contributions to the debate on the future of Europe, Iain Begg recently analysed likely demands for reform of the budget and how they might be accommodated in the next multiannual financial framework in the analysis The EU budget after 2020

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The Future of the EU Budget (2017:6)

A new round of negotiations on the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework, which runs from 2021, will soon begin. A mayor net payer to the budget are leaving the EU and an increasing number of internal and external challenges have been added to the agenda in recent years, making the negotiations more complex, perhaps, than ever before.

The EU budget after 2020 (2017:9epa)

Brexit will be a major factor influencing the negotiations on the new Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF), which will set the rules for the EU budget in the next couple of years starting in 2021.