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Missing Links: how EU industrial policy can better support resource efficiency

December 2023 • Engström Mats


A more circular economy and improved resource efficiency can bring significant benefits to the environment and to the economy. However, it can be argued that EU industrial policy has so far focused more on the transition to low-carbon production than on greening the demand side or increasing recycling rates. In this Perspective, SIEPS senior advisor Mats Engström suggests what a better policy mix might look like. (December 2023)

A Green Deal, Open to the World

May 2022 • Engström Mats


From carbon tariffs to energy taxes, the EU’s climate and environment policies have consequences across the world, and Europe is dependent on the rest of the world for raw materials, investment and expertise for its green transition. The package as a whole, argues SIEPS Senior Advisor Mats Engström, is unlikely to succeed without more engagement, especially with countries in the Global South. (2022:10epa)

Green paths through a pandemic

June 2020 • Engström Mats


The present pandemic crisis brings uncertainty to the European Green Deal – the ambitious plan for environmental and climate progress. What can policymakers do if they wish to keep the green momentum? Mats Engström, senior advisor at SIEPS, offers six courses of action. (2020:8epa)


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