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Strategic Autonomy – Views from the North

December 2021 • Lewander Jakob, Helwig Niklas, Håkansson Calle, Iso-Markku Tuomas, Nissen Christine


The concept of strategic autonomy has been a frequent topic in the EU the last few years. The continuous management of political crisis has expanded the discussion beyond security and defence. How do the Nordic countries relate to this pursuit of sovereignty and capacity to act? This anthology explains and analyses how Denmark, Finland and Sweden view strategic autonomy, what similarities and differences exist between the countries' attitudes and how they view their and the EU's role in a polarized world. (2021:1op)

EU-skeptikernas frammarsch – Valet till Europaparlamentet 2014 (2014:2op)

January 2014 • Berg Linda, Blomgren Magnus, Lewander Jakob


The 2014 European Parliament elections took place after many years of severe austerity policies, comprehensive bailout programmes and increasing political resistance to European integration. Due to the strengthened role of the European Parliament by the Lisbon Treaty, the expectations on public interest, media coverage and electoral participation grew.


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