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EU Industrial Policy in a Globalised World - Effects on the Single Market

June 2020 • Andhov Marta , Bastidas Venegas Vladimir , Engberg Katarina , Hettne Jörgen , Papadopoulos Thomas , Wiberg Maria


As the EU aims at strengthening the competitivity of European companies, the functioning of the Single Market comes to the fore. Is a more assertive industrial policy compatible with free and fair competition? This question is studied in a volume focusing on the legal instruments that govern the EU’s internal market. (2020:1op)

States as Market Participants in the U.S. and the EU? Public purchasing and the environment (2013:2)

January 2013 • Czarnezki Jason J.


A much discussed topic in the European Union is how public procurement may be used to support general societal goals, such as good environmental protection. But to what extent is it actually possible for public authorities to use procurement in order to achieve non-economic goals? In this report, the situation in Europe is compared with the one in the United States.

Strategic Use of Public Procurement – Limits and Opportunities (2013:7epa)

January 2013 • Hettne Jörgen


According to the Europe 2020 strategy, public authorities in the European Union should make better use of public procurement in support of general societal goals such as good environmental protection and social conditions. This analysis discusses the proposal from the European Commission on new procurement rules that will enhance strategic use of public procurement.

The EU and Climate Treaty Negotiations after the Durban Conference (2012:2epa)

January 2012 • Katak Malla


The EU has been and remains committed to concluding a comprehensive climate agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In this paper, outcomes of the latest round of negotiations, based on the UNFCCC and held at the Durban Climate Conference (2011), are assessed from the perspective of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, focusing on some critical questions.

The Commission´s Posting Package (2012:8epa)

January 2012 • Malmberg Jonas , Johansson Caroline


In March 2012, the European Commission presented two legislative proposals in the field of posting of workers, which constitute a response to the intense debate following the CJEU’s rulings in the Laval quartet. The first proposal, the Monti II-Regulation, attempts to clarify the relationship between the right to take collective action and the economic freedoms, while the second one, the Enforcement Directive, aims at improving the enforcement of the Posting of Workers Directive, through equally ensuring workers’ rights and enhancing cross-border services by reducing employers’ administrative burdens.


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