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Cooperation in the Council of the EU: Explaining network relations among member states

November 2023 • Johansson Markus , Larsson Olof , Lindahl Rutger , Naurin Daniel


EU decision-making requires that member states cooperate. In this European Policy Analysis, four political scientists at the University of Gothenburg analyse the patterns for cooperative relations between the member states in the Council of the EU. The authors also test different explanations for why some pairs of states form closer relations. (2023:15 epa)

Out in the Cold? Flexible Integration and the Political Status of Euro-Outsiders (2009:13epa)

January 2009 • Naurin Daniel , Lindahl Rutger


This European Policy Analysis tests the common proposition that flexible integration imposes significant costs on those member states that opt out of further integration within specific policy fields. The analysis presents data on network capital in the working groups and committees of the Council of the EU which indicate that the Euro-outsiders are in fact doing well in the informal networking in the Council.


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