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Procedures, Politics, Policies: The pieces of the puzzle for the next institutional cycle of the EU

March 2024 • Kreilinger Valentin


The European elections in June 2024 mark the starting point for a new cycle in EU politics. In this European Policy Analysis, political scientist Valentin Kreilinger (SIEPS) explores the renewal of key institutions and the formation of a new EU leadership for the next five years, a period that looks set to be marked by economic challenges, enlargement and internal reforms. (2024:6epa)

National Parliaments’ Political Dialogue with the European Commission

May 2023 • Kreilinger Valentin


The role of national parliaments in the work of the EU has increased over time. Through the ‘Political dialogue’ they have the opportunity to interact directly with the European Commission. In this European Policy Analysis, SIEPS Senior Researcher Valentin Kreilinger examines how national parliaments use the dialogue and proposes some ways in which it could be enhanced. (2023:6epa)

Making EU Representative Democracy Fit for the Future

June 2022 • Crum Ben , Kreilinger Valentin , Lord Christopher , Puntscher Riekmann Sonja , von Sydow Göran


Long criticized as deficient, the EU’s democratic system now finds itself threatened – as do national systems – by populism, technocracy, and rival forms of government. The essays in this collection suggest how EU representative democracy could change in order to survive and perform effectively. Contributions by Ben Crum, Valentin Kreilinger, Christopher Lord, Sonja Puntscher Riekmann, and Göran von Sydow. (2022:2op)


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