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EU Crisis Management

April 2022 • Kreuder-Sonnen Christian , Schmidt Vivien A. , Séville Astrid , Wetter Ryde Anna , White Jonathan


From the sovereign debt crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU has taken a leading role in the management of crises. The essays in this anthology analyse the EU’s performance and suggest how it could improve as a ‘crisis manager’. Contributions by Christian Kreuder-Sonnen, Vivien A. Schmidt, Astrid Séville and Jonathan White. (2022:1op)

Subsidiaritetskontroll i nationella parlament och EU-domstolens ansvar för att kontrollen fungerar (2014:8epa)

January 2014 • Wetter Ryde Anna


For about fifteen years, the European Commission has taken initiatives to provide better regulation. Since the introduction of the early warning mechanism, enabling the national parliaments to have a say on whether or not the legislative proposals comply with the principle of subsidiarity, it is arguably even more important that the legislative proposals maintain a high degree of quality.


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