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The Rule of Law in the EU: Crisis and Solutions

June 2023 • von Bogdandy Armin , Claes Monica , Groussot Xavier , Kelemen R. Daniel , Kochenov Dimitry , Lenaerts Koen , Manners Ian , Moberg Andreas , Morijn John , Nergelius Joakim , Reichel Jane , Rosas Allan , Sajó András , Spieker Luke Dimitrios , Scheppele Kim Lane , Wójcik Anna , Zemskova Anna , Södersten Anna , Hercock Edwin


The EU Treaties proclaim the rule of law to be one of the Union’s founding values. Ongoing violations of it are therefore a major concern. In this SIEPS anthology, prominent legal scholars, political scientists and practitioners consider the scale of problem and examine attempted and potential solutions. (2023:1op)

Arvet från Oxenstierna - reflektioner kring den svenska förvaltningsmodellen och EU (2012:2op)

January 2012 • Reichel Jane , Nergelius Joakim , Halje Lovisa , Bull Thomas , Bergström Maria


The Swedish model of Government administration – with independent authorities and a comparatively small Government Office – differs from the model common in most other EU member states. Whether the Swedish model is appropriate in the context of the EU has therefore been a topic of discussion since Sweden became a member of the European Union.


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