The Minimum Standards of International Protection applicable to the European Union

January 2024 • Guild Elspeth , Grundler Maja


EU Member States have legal obligations towards people seeking protection. These stem from having joined the EU and the Council of Europe as well as having signed and ratified international human rights conventions. In this report, Professor of Law Elspeth Guild and Lecturer in Law Maja Grundler set out the minimum standards of international protection applicable to EU members. (2024:1)

Missing Links: how EU industrial policy can better support resource efficiency

December 2023 • Engström Mats


A more circular economy and improved resource efficiency can bring significant benefits to the environment and to the economy. However, it can be argued that EU industrial policy has so far focused more on the transition to low-carbon production than on greening the demand side or increasing recycling rates. In this Perspective, SIEPS senior advisor Mats Engström suggests what a better policy mix might look like. (December 2023)

Cooperation in the Council of the EU: Explaining network relations among member states

November 2023 • Johansson Markus , Larsson Olof , Lindahl Rutger , Naurin Daniel


EU decision-making requires that member states cooperate. In this European Policy Analysis, four political scientists at the University of Gothenburg analyse the patterns for cooperative relations between the member states in the Council of the EU. The authors also test different explanations for why some pairs of states form closer relations. (2023:15 epa)

Europe’s Social Revival: From Gothenburg to Next Generation EU

November 2023 • Bokhorst David , Schreurs Sven


At the Gothenburg summit in 2017, EU leaders agreed on a set of principles to strengthen citizens' social rights and reduce inequalities within the Union. In this analysis, political scientists David Bokhorst and Sven Schreurs consider EU social and economic policymaking since the summit. They find that there has been a substantive change and reflect on whether it is likely to endure. (2023:14epa)


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